Camozzi Manufacturing

High precision machining


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We are flexible, but precise

Camozzi Manufacturing performs precision mechanical machining of cast iron, special and stainless steel and aluminium alloys of small and medium lots, complete with finishing treatments and assembly operations.

As a result of significant investments recently implemented by the Camozzi Group, Camozzi Manufacturing possesses one of the newest and most technologically advanced fleet of machinery found, which enable it to process pieces ranging in weight from as small as a few grams up to a maximum of 1,500 kg.

Camozzi Manufacturing performs customizable operations of turning, milling, boring and grinding of pieces and assemblies for applications in the agricultural, earth-moving, ship building, transportation, lifting and handling, wind, textile machinery, defense, aerospace and general industrial sectors.


We are proud of our capabilities

Thanks to its synergies with Fonderie Mora Gavardo, Camozzi Manufacturing is among the few suppliers in Italy and Europe that is able to cover the field of cast iron with a solid and complete know-how regarding the entire process chain: design, production, machining, finishing and assembly.

The adoption of managerial solutions, of control methods based on analyses like Cp/Cpk to check the stability of the process, as well as an organization of production that possesses a workshop equipped on the premise of  maximum flexibility, make Camozzi Manufacturing a reliable partner to engage with full confidence, whatever your production need might be.