Plastics, an infinite world of ideas


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Plastics, an infinite world of ideas

"We can create any object out of plastic".

We might have opened Plastibenaco's first advertising campaign with this slogan when we started our business in 1977. Since then we have continued growing, with customer satisfaction as our main goal. We are able to consistently achieve this goal through our commitment to continuous evolution in technology and ongoing research in the sector of modern thermoplastic resins. 
In the course of this evolution we joined the Camozzi Group in 1994, aiming at even more ambitious goals and new investment to further develop our production capability.

Quality as a Constant


The activity of stamping custom designed technical components requires the utmost flexibility and adaptation to meet customers ever changing needs. This is achieved by the continous research and development of all plastic materials which may be employed to enhance the mechanical, chemical and aesthetic characteristics of the product, whilst always ensuring high standards of quality.

We are convinced that the projects we have completed and the products we have devised over the years testify to our customer commitment.

The continuing trust of our customers is, for us, the best acknowledgement of the quality of our work.