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November 12 2011
Camozzi Manufacturing, the division of the Camozzi Group dedicated to the manufacturing industry

Large production capacity with seven integrated companies at the customer’s service: this is the profile of Camozzi Manufacturing, the division of the Camozzi Group dedicated to the manufacturing industry

Seeking many paths in order to be considered the ideal partner for manufacturing companies. This is the strategy adopted by Camozzi Manufacturing, a strategy drawing on the competence and experience of in-house engineer and taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology with consideration for the environment and man. The goal is to take under a single organisation a production programme including a vast range of machining operations on different materials, in order to study and then create quality products alongside clients through optimized production processes and avoiding waste and inefficiencies. To achieve this, the Camozzi Group has concentrated, into the Manufacturing division, seven companies which have different specialisations in the main manufacturing sectors: brass pressing (Campress), aluminium casting (Camcasting), plastic injection  moulding (Plastibenaco), metal structures (Newton Officine Meccaniche), cast iron (Marzoli Foundry), heavy machine tools (Innse Milano), precision machining of mechanical parts (Romano Abele).

These seven integrated companies globally represent a large manufacturing group (extending over more than 50,000 sq.m), with facilities organized according to the principles of “lean production”, with computer management of arehouses and integrated management of production processes through SAP.

A partner with no limits...

Camozzi Manufacturing is therefore a perfect partner for making special parts without limitations on form, size and application. Its products are used by the most diverse sectors: from industrial automation to automotive, from home appliances, labtech & medical, weapons, heating systems, furnishings, industrial machinery and electronic systems.

Campress: brass

Campress has more than thirty years of experience in the hot brass pressing sector. The company processes brass from the raw material to the finished product. Purchased in the 1980’s by the Camozzi Group, initially to meet an infragroup production need, it developed and gradually gained experience from a technical and commercial standpoint. Now it works not only for the group’s companies, but also for the Italian domestic market.

Compress offers total quality products and manufactures according to international standards: it has a 10,000 sq.m factory where each year it makes eight million pieces for a total of about 10,000 tons of pressed brass.

Camcasting: aluminium

The company processes aluminium from the raw material to the finished product. The company covers an indoor area of 3,300 sq.m, it has state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. The production organisation is divided into different divisions such as:

- the casting centre with 4 blast furnaces, that can handle different alloys simultaneously;

- the gravity casting division with 12 robotized gravity casting machines, a large gravity casting machine (2 x 2.5 m), 7 buffer furnaces, which produce from extremely lightweight parts to components up to 100 kg;

- the brand new core removal department: 4 stations dedicated to the removal of cores using vibration;

- the cutting department: equipped with 4 band saws, 2 of which are robotized, two manual and two hydraulic cutting presses.

Plastibenaco: plastics

Plastibenaco is a company based in Brescia which for over forty years has been providing plastic injection moulding as an outsourcer, manufacturing technical and/or aesthetic articles for a wide range of applications, from large white goods to the building industry, medical devices, weapons, textiles, lighting fixtures,plumbing, heating and sanitary fittings, farming equipment.

More than 40 employees work at the Castrezzone di Muscoline factory near Brescia which occupies an area of approximately 5,200 sq.m and is equipped with a machine fleet including 30 units that is constantly being updated. Over the years, it has extended its manufacturing operations by adding a screen printing and pad printing division, the metalworking department as well as a grinding department and an assembly department.

Marzoli Foundry: cast iron

Specialising in grey and ductile cast iron in small and medium production runs, Marzoli Foundry is a spin-off of the foundry department of Marzoli Spa, a company in the Camozzi group with a hundred years of experience in the textile machinery sector. Currently it occupies a 4,000 sq.m shed equipped with completely updated production systems, with two rotary ovens and output capacity of over 3,000 tons/ year. It has its own internal management for all stages of production, from core production to castings finishing, with very short lead times for production and delivery, all rigorously controlled to comply with high quality standards. In full keeping with the Camozzi philosophy, it has adopted an environmental policy which has assessed and reduced its impact in all business areas from the engineering stage to the manufacturing operations. It has paid particular attention to filtering systems to guarantee a level of dust emissions into the atmosphere which is half the legal limit.

Newton Officine Mecc aniche: modern metal structures

Newton Officine Meccaniche is a part of this division, handling the production of light and medium-heavy metal structures. The company, based in Gorizia, has an indoor area of 8,000 sq.m. It is equipped with production units fitted with very modern planning tools for computer-assisted engineering and production,an engineering department with large design capacity and technologically advanced production systems that can ensure a high degree of automation and high performance thanks to the perfect symbiosis between man and machine. The engineering department includes modern development and product industrialization tools featuring 2D and 3D graphics, which also relies on the support of SAP enterprise systems integrated with the production data collection system made by SARA. The production flow comprises of a modern robotized sheet metal warehouse, and a cutting department that uses plasma, laser and punching systems.The bending department uses three CNC bending machines incorporating a high number of dies to suit a variety of tasks.

Innse Milano: metalworking services

Innse Milano is one of the biggest industrial companies whose origins can be traced to the historic Innocenti Santeustacchio,a leading machinery manufacturing and engineering company. In 2009, the company was taken over by the Camozzi Group under the name of Innse Milano S.p.A. and became part of the Camozzi Manufacturing division. The production plant was renovated on entering the Camozzi Group, and now takes up an area of over 30,000 sq.m, 24,000 sq.m of which are indoor. The plant is fitted with overhead cranes with a loading capacity of up to 350 tons and maximum height of 18 metres. A machine fleet made up of modern machine tools and a division equipped with hydraulic drives and control units for function tests and instrumentation to collect test data makes the company an ideal partner for companies looking for high performance.

The production plant handles: - metalworking operations of all types: on medium and large structures (boring, milling, turning and grinding);

- cutting and grinding of medium-large gears for all applications;

- manufacturing and assembling of machinery and production systems.

Romano Abele: precision mechanics

After a 2010 rich with satisfying results, the Camozzi Manufacturing division took over Romano Abele S.r.l. A company based in Brescia with over 50 years of successes in the precision mechanics sector for steel components, Romano Abele specialises in small and medium production runs. The engineering department operates alongside the customer in the product study and engineering stages. The quality division is equipped with: optical flash machinery, machinery for 3D tracer points, electronic altimeter, hardness tester, and roughness tester for testing and checking components. The company is specialised in the processing of component parts from 1 to 1500 mm in any material and components for industrial automation systems, handling equipment, weapons and textiles.

Source : Francesco Goi  - La Subfornitura , nr.8 , issue of Nobvember/December  – Interprogettied Editore