Lamellar and Spheroidal Iron Castings

September 12 2011
Marzoli Foundry, Marzoli Spa's spin-off

Though operating as an independent entity, Marzoli Foundry srl has established a close technical synergy with its parent company playing an important role as a source of technical and productive support.

Marzoli Spa has always been able to rely on its strongest points: in-depth knowledge of each and every production step required to manufacture the individual components parts that make up its systems and how to run them. Since 1851 its production departments have dealt with everything from casting to assembly. Although in recent decades the company’s competitive spirit has led to it focusing its production on its core business, Marzoli has maintained its own fundamental production units in house which means it continues to have a keen grasp of the technologies required to produce its most vital components to high quality standards. In keeping with the business philosophy of the Camozzi Group, which Marzoli became a part of over 10 years ago, the cast iron foundry department has opened its doors to an every increasing range of customers from many different sectors. This has helped the company to increase its technological and cultural bases and has even led to making this department independent from the rest of the company.

This natural evolution has meant splitting the foundry operations from the parent company leading to the establishment of “Marzoli Foundry srl” in 2007, a new company which operates independently. However the two companies continue to share close ties in terms of technological solutions with the new company providing all important technological and  production back-up.

The Group - Sinergy with Camozzi Manufacturing

By becoming part of the new Camozzi Manufacturing division, which brings together all the operations in the group that work with the raw material processing and metalworking sectors, the company has further expanded the range of products it can supply to a customer base increasingly interested in integrating mechanical solutions or complementary products. Currently there are seven companies in the products and services division. In addition to Marzoli Foundry these are: Romano Abele specialising in the production of component parts and high-precision mechanical parts in cast iron, steel, aluminium and special alloys, Campress for brass moulding, Camcasting that casts aluminium shells, Plastibenaco for plastic moulding, Newton Officine Meccaniche for large metal structures and Innse Milano which handles heavy metalworking projects. Camozzi Manufacturing’s main objective is to offer the marketplace a single subject able to work as a sub-contractor supplying its customers with different products and services thereby limiting the number of subjects involved. A general contractor with its own infra-group administration requirements has been transformed into a business that offers extra services suitable for even the most complex contracts. Camozzi Manufacturing represents a new departure in terms of sub-contracting that accompanies the individual businesses which, in any case, maintain their independent commercial organisation. The sharing of know-how and the joint development of production and technological solutions make Camozzi Manufacturing one of a kind.

Marzoli Foundry - Characteristics and Unique Features

Marzoli Foundry, currently occupies a 4,000m² site that houses completely remodermised production lines that allow the skilled workforce access to the efficiency of cutting edge technology. Marzoli Foundry specialises in lamellar graphite iron castings (EN-GJL-200; EN-GJL-250; ENGJL- 300) and spheroidal iron castings (EN-GJS-400; EN-GJS-500; EN-GJS-600) in small or medium-sized batches for a number of production sectors. The company’s mission statement is to develop in-house a complex organization able to run entire contracts for technologically advanced machinery as flexibly as possible using its very varied experience in many fields. This makes Marzoli Foundry the ideal business partner – supporting the customer not only with technology but also with logistics. In keeping with its business ethic Camozzi has adopted an environmentally friendly development policy in the construction of systems that have a very limited impact on the environment. Special attention has been paid to thefilter systems in order to ensure that particle emissions into the environment are half the legal levels. The handling of exhausted earths and waste in general has been designed to reduce environmental impact to a minimum. All production phases are run in-house from core production using a 12 litre Ashland cold-box to the casting finishing process which allows the company to keep a continuous eye on product quality levels and optimise the logistical flow thereby reducing lead time and ensuring rapid delivery of orders. The two rotating ovens that make up part of the casting system - six tons each – guarantee a production capacity of 3,000 tons per year. During the tapping step, the cast iron is monitored using special software that elaborates the cooling curve. An IT system controls the components required to produce spheroidal cast iron directly as they enter the casting heaters.

The moulding department has an automated line fitted with 1000 x 800 x (250 +250) mm brackets able to move at a rate of 40 brackets per hour and which can be used for wooden pattern making which is particularly in demand for smaller batches.  Thanks to this system the company can carry out castings that range from 0.3 kg to 150 kg (50 kg per bracket is the average weight) even on section plates of 480 x 800mm or 480 x 395mm. Moulding ground is automatically monitored to ensure compatibility with any additives is optimal. Cast pieces are sandblasted and trimmed before delivery as stabilising and distending phases are carried out in-house. Years of experience and working relationships with customers both at home and in the international sphere have developed skills and an awareness of the requirements necessary in order to work in a number of industrial sectors. These include mechanical engineering, textiles, systems, machining centres, wood and marble processing machinery,urban decoration, special automotive valves and the food and beverage industry all sectors in which there is demand for specially designed and tested products of high quality which can be delivered in record time while also providing on-going assistance before and after delivery.

Thanks to a well-equipped workshop with the latest tools and instruments and specialized technical analyses are performed to test the cast iron and its metallurgical structure, quantity analyses, mechanical tests and analyses on foundry earths. Via its synergy with the other companies in the Camozzi Group, Marzoli Foundry also has access to, for example, the centralized research centre. The company holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate and a special back-up team of consultants is available within the Camozzi Group.The group’s IT department is also centralized and the same computer language is used throughout the various companies.All phases or work are implemented via an integrated SAP system allowing all the companies in the group to access administration parameters.

Source : Roberto Vezzoli ( Manager Marzoli Foundry ) : La Subfornitura , n.5 , issue of September 2011 – Interprogettied Editore