Cast iron foundry - Medium / Large sized casting

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Gray and ductile iron castings

Specialized company: Fonderie Mora Gavardo

In its continuous process of growth and development, which culminated with the entry into the Camozzi Group, Fonderie Mora Gavardo has structured a unique offering of medium and large sized castings.
The continuous improvement in Fonderie Mora Gavardo’ production structure involves both the processes and management activities to ensure high quality, high automation, flexibility and short delivery lead time.
All these performances respect the current standards of the Camozzi Group.
All work phases are optimized for maximum efficiency: from the project of casting to the final delivery to the customer, including machining, painting, and, where required, pre-assembly of parts.

Cast iron castings

- N. 2  55 tons electric induction furnaces (capacity 7 ton/h) 
- N. 2  28 tons electric induction furnaces (capacity 9 ton/h) 
- N. 1  5 tons electric induction furnace
A 130/3 KVA substation with 20000 Kw power, transformation substations and underground and automatic cooling plants supply power to the furnaces.


Hand Moulding

The department consists of 6 teams which create, in moulding boxes with sand and resin, castings that are up to 120 tons each. The greatest dimension of the moulding boxes which have been used up to now: mm 12.000 x 5000. The preparation of the sand and resin mixture for moulds and cores is carried out with 6 mixers whose power varies from 5 ton/h up to 30 ton/h. The sand recycling is realized by a plant with 20 ton/h power.


Machine Moulding

- Fully automatic shooting and squeezing plant for moulding and shakeout of mm 1200 x 800 x 800 (400+400) and mm 600 x 800 x 800 (400+400) moulding boxes’ with hydraulic index movement. Capacity 60 moulding boxes/hour. 
- Fully Automatic shooting and squeezing plant for moulding and shakeout of mm 720 x 620 x 400 (200+200). Capacity 120 moulding boxes/hour.


Core Moulding

- Core production in shell-moulding with 2  machines. 
- No-Bake with 3 continuous flow mixers. 
- KER & PERKINS and a FORDATH continuous flow mixer. 
- H5, H25 e H40 core shooter for moulding in Cold-Box. 
- 40 litre core shooter for moulding in Cold-Box. 
- 100 litre core shooter for moulding in Cold-Box. 
- Means for the core moulding with furan resins, shell-Moulding, Cold-box (Ashland) are available.



- N 2 tunnel sand blasting machines 
- N 1 tumbling machine 
- N 1 room tumbling machine dimensions 18000 x 8000 equipped with sandblasting robot, manoeuvrable both by hand and automatically as the robot follows the way it has self-learned
- N 2 electric heat treatment room furnaces 
- N 2 electric heat treatment well furnaces
- N 1 gas heat treatment room furnace